As cold as it is right now in London, most fashion designers are already releasing their Spring/Summer collections and with London Fashion Week next month, It can be an exciting time as you can get inspired to try new styles and trends. But one there is one item of clothing that women will rarely change or stray far from, and that’s their jeans style. Exclusive London is here to help you be a little more adventurous and encourage you to try something different…after all, it can be another excuse to do more shopping! 

Taylor Swift JeansNow, let me just make it clear, I’m not saying you should ditch your much loved worn-in jeans, we all have our favourite pair that we will wear everywhere and feel the most comfortable in. But over the last few years denim jeans have been designed and developed in a various array of washes, fits and styles, denim can take you from an office meeting to an evening out, and everywhere in-between.

It can be daunting when seeing the vast multitude of jeans in the stores and so Exclusive London have come up with a guide that should save you time and give you that little bit more confidence to trying a different look, the right way.


There are four classic denim trends that you will see, these are the ones that you should to know and try at least once, everything else will mostly be variations  of these:

Boot cut - These are the original jean; the boot cut has been loved and adored by cowboys and fashionistas alike for decades. Whilst other jean styles may fall in and out of fashion, the boot cut always remains a classic.


  • Gently fitted over thighs with a slight flare from the knee to the ankle.
  • Flattering style for women with a curvier figure as the flare will balance out the hips.
  • Good for boyish figures also as bootcut jeans can add curves to your shape

Flared - Denim trends are always reverting back to the styles of the fifties. Sixties, seventies, and eighties and the flared fit from the seventies has been in style for several years now. Flare jeans are best styled with blouses, vests, menswear blazers, or even chunky sweaters. flarecut

  • Fitted at the thigh with a dramatic flare from the knee to the ankle.
  • Flares are especially flattering if you’re curvy as they skim your silhouette and balance out your proportions.
  • Great with platform shoes or wedges, giving that ‘complete’ look.

Straight cut - Straight leg jeans are the perfect in-between fit for just about every body type. The best straight leg fit is one that is slightly fitted in the knees and just barely follows the silhouette of your calves, leaving a little extra room in the ankle. straghtcut

  • The straight leg runs straight down the length of the leg from the hips to the ankle.
  • The ultimate leg lengthener, especially great for petite figures  as the straight leg flatters your shape and a great style to emphasise long legs.
  • Perfect when worn with heels.
  • Looks best in dark denim

Skinny - This fit is not going out of style any time soon. Skinny jeans are perfect for the fall & winter months tucked into boots and sexy and slimming in the spring and summer months. The fashionista’s favourite. Not only does it look sexy and smart but always ensures you feel your most fashionable. If you are blessed with the body to wear skinny jeans with a slim-fitting top, go ahead and be daring with a pair of heels and lots of jewellery. skinnycut

  • Figure-hugging from the hip to the ankle. Super skinny jeans are really fitted and hug the ankle
  • Wear a blousy top if the jean is skin tight and make sure it covers at least half of your bottom.
  • Black skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple.

Boyfriend - Not a classical style but needed to be added. Still a fairly new jean style, the boyfriend is the marmite of the denim world. You either love these or hate them completely. It’s definitely worth trying a pair as you may surprise yourself. Plus they are one of the most comfortable styles. boyfriend jeans

  • A baggy style that fits loosely down the leg.
  • Worn low on the hips which gives the boyfriend a sexy edge.
  • The rips and grazing also give a sexy look
  • Even though this style is worn loosely, you still want the jeans to follow the contours of your legs to stay fashionable.


The Rise is distance from the bottom of the crotch to the top of the waistband. Its as important as many other measurements like the waist and inside leg as it also determines the look and style of the jeans. Having a long rise when wearing skinny jeans is definitely not a good look!!

A- Waist B- Hips C- inside leg/inseam D - Rise

A- Waist
B- Hips
C- inside leg/inseam
D – Rise

  • Low-rise – Sits roughly 2 inches below the navel, be sure the waistband follows your natural contours and covers your underwear.
  • Mid-rise – Perching on the hip bone just below the navel generally the most flattering and popular choice, a mid-rise suits all jean styles.
  • High-rise – The high rise will sit at or just above the navel. Offering the most coverage, the high rise is perfect for holding you in and smoothing the silhouette.


  • When washing your jeans, turn them inside out to reduce fading
  • If you’re going to wear your jeans with heels, make sure you try them on with heels.
  • Sizes will vary from brand to brand so don’t be disheartened if yours fluctuates, too. It doesn’t matter what size you buy as long as it fits properly
  • Petites, want to get a booty like Beyonce? Help enhance your derrière by going for a style with pocket detailing; a flap pocket and buttons can add inches in seconds!
  • Got a little too much derrière? Go for darker washes or fading on the thighs to create a longer silhouette. Look out for curved seams around the thigh, specifically on flares and bootcuts, this gives a great slimming effect.
  • When Storing your jeans always try and hang them rather than folding them up in the cupboard or wardrobe as it promotes fading in the creases and can ruin the shape.
  • Though it may be harder to find the right jeans if you are a “big” woman but it needn’t be a nightmare, go for bootleg or straight cut jeans. Baggy styles are also best avoided as they will just exaggerate your curves, as will heavily detailed jeans


  • 7  For All Mankind
  • Hudson Jeans
  • J Brand
  • MiH Jeans
  • Stella McCartney
  • True Religion
  • Victoria Beckham


  • Muffin Tops –  yes we see them, low rise jeans are not for you.


  • Overly ripped or frayed jeans, – Especially at the bottom. Time to get a new pair.

over frayed

  • Double denim – A little controversial as they used to be a no-no. But now it seems they can be pulled off in some instances. The bad news is that it’s mainly men who seem to do this, best to avoid for now, the jury’s still out.


  • Mom Jeans –  They can make the most beautiful women look drabby. These are the jeans which are high waisted, have no shape and even worse, able to give you the ‘double belly!’…throw them away!

Leona Lewis

  • Please use common sense, if you are larger on the hips bum and legs don’t go for skinny fit jeans. It’ll be uncomfortable for you to wear and stretching the life out of the jeans…is not fashionable.


Bottom Line - Wear jeans that fit your body. Don’t lie to yourself because jeans that fit you well, will always look better than jeans that though are in fashion, are worn wrongly. Everybody is different and has their own style, take advantage of that and be original.

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